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There Is No Away

Documentary Radio Program


In October 2018 Petra Cox, an outreach officer at Crosness Engines took me on a journey through the history of London sewers and the history of Crosness Pumping Station - the oldest Outfall Station in Britain. Along the way I discovered that it was not only this place had a fascinating past, but also an ingenious and inspiering present. Petra introduced me to many voilunteers, who talked about their projects within the station - laying train trucks, refurbishing engines, conservating original walls, just to name a few. I learned that it was a sheer passsion of many individuals over the past 3 decades that saved this place from ruin.
Taking part are:
Petra Cox
Greg Warner
Kevin Ridley
Christine and Rob Parkinson
Mike Jones
Sulaimon Jinadu
Concept and Production: Dominika Kieruzel
Sound assistant: Matthew Berka 
The program was originally produced for Radio Thamesmead at 
If you are interested in volunteering at Crosness Pumping Station email
Rob Parker at
Greg Warner at

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