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First issue of Kosmoss Magazine, edited by Dominika Kieruzel with texts by Monika Kostera, Quentin S. Crisp and Dominika Kieruzel. 

This issue is around AI, technology, art and literature - it is us thinking about the world. Letters and comments highly welcome! 

Please do let me know if you are not able to buy, and I should be able to send you a free copy!

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Group Exhibition

14-29th May 2022

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Move That Stagnant Pool Along

by Natasha Bird

RTM Thamesmead Radio


Natasha's experimental radio program, including a conversation with Dominika Kieruzel.

Listen to Move That Stagnant Pool Along


House Bug

RTM Thamesmead Radio


'House Bug' with Dominika Kieruzel is a series of slow radio recordings from the artist's home. The pieces are an expression of enchantment of hearing, playfulness and imagination when the vision is withdrawn, and the intimacy of domestic activities.

Playing every Wednesday at 3pm on RTM.FM between 3rd of June and 1st of July.

Listen to House Bug


After These Things

with Matthew Berka

Kosmoss Online Gallery

June - July, 2020

This show features the film and a conversation/interview between Dominika Kieruzel and Matthew Berka. The publication and a poster accompanying the show will be available for purchase in the Kosmoss Online Shop.

See After These Things at Kosmoss

Visit the shop


Blue Room

Sensory Space


Thamesmead Festival

At the Wellbeing Camp zone of the festival I stopped to have my blood pressure checked for free. After this, I saw artist Dominika Kieruzel friendly waving and summoning me to her blue tent, and, I am very glad she did. Incomprehensibly skilfully constructed is Dominika's gift to you. Shoes off, enter inside to a new serene world, be encapsulated by blue light with a centre focusing of either a small

cubed prism or an opening to the skies above.

Stepi Ferguson – excerpt from Festival review

The blue tent was an unexpected quiet, relaxing space in the festival, beautifully made, shaped like an observatory - for cloud-gazing Thamesmead skies!

Natasha Bird

The blue room was a transformative experience, being inside, despite the noise and business of the location I felt safe, calm and internally focused watching the subtle changes in the grey sky. My experience of time altered and leaving the space was quite a shock, I would have been happy to stay longer. The feeling seemed to stay with me for most of the day.

Festival Goer

photo by Dani Tagen

Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 16.58.20.png




Thames-side Studios  


A repetition of 'Mother', 10 years after the original performance. The work is a part of a performance day at the 'Immeasurable' exhibition curated by Linda Persson and Hannah Conroy.

The Immeasurable

photo by Linda Persson

TACO Constructions.JPG

After These Things

with Matthew Berka & Kate Carr


Screening, performance


TACO Gallery

This is a variation of the film composed in response to Kate Carr's sound installation titled 'Under Construction' at TACO Gallery in Thamesmead. Screened at a first of a series of music, screening and performance events - Constructions#1, curated by Kate Carr and Mat Jenner.

Constructions#1 at TACO

photo by Mat Jenner

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 22.29.43.png

There Is No Away

Documentary Radio Program


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