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Innocence 2.0 Devastate

by Dominika Kieruzel, Zoe Tsaff and Sian Youngerman

2016 | Site-Specific Performance and Audio Tour along Southern Outfall Sewer, Thamesmead


Sian meets the horses in Arcadia, practice day, 2016

Enter Ridgeway, near Plumstead Station, across the street from McDonalds, follow all the way down, until Ridgeway turns into a dirt path. There is a fenced building at the end – a part of the Crosness Pumping Station. To the left you will see an overgrown gate and a path. Enter.


While walking, listen to Nietzsche on Soul in Nature, by Graham Parkes.

I went to the Southern Outfall Sewer today. 
It is hard to explain the emotion it aroused in me. 
Like water in a paper cup, now it seeps through, makes me one with what’s around. 
All the way from Plumstead to Crossness Sewage Farm. 
I walked on top of the sewer… Thought…. And the lack of it.
I have been there every day.
Underneath my feet, there floated my shit. 
Here, right next to me is my entropy. 
I am a part of that great organic mass that constantly transforms, shifts shapes, becomes sentient or other. 
Death is not a definite thing. Death is life in motion. The spirit is shared. 
All humans are a creature. The creature is one with all that surrounds it. 
Under the skin of this landscape run veins of basic ingenious humanity. 
Those blades of grass are nourished by my excrement.

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